Georges Coulon – “Beetles”

Georges Coulon inspects a beetle under a high-powered microscope, pursuing a passion that has consumed him since childhood and in which he is a world-renowned expert. (Powell River Peak)
Georges Coulon – “Beetles”
by Sherri Wretham, 30 May 2012

Georges is an entomologist who has lived in Powell River since 2008.   He was born in Belgium and has spent most of his life there.  He published his first paper about beetles when he was 18 and worked for several non-government organizations before joining the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

Some members may recall him being interviewed by the Powell River Peak about his beetle collection.  His beetles, specifically ant-loving beetles, was the subject of his talk.   It was quite interesting to learn above the process of describing new species, often known from only a handful of specimens.

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