Cedwyn Phillips – “South Georgia and Antarctica”

Cedwyn Phillips – “South Georgia and Antarctica”
by Andrew Bryant, 23 Apr 2014. 

Track of the MV Ocean Nova, 22 Nov – 10 Dec 2010
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Cedwyn is from London, England but now calls Powell River home.

In 2010 he and his wife Peggy spent 18 nights aboard the M.V. Ocean Nova as it traveled from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Falklands Islands. From there they cruised south, touring several spots on South Georgia, before going even further south – to the northern tip of Antarctica!

Judging from the map, you can imagine that must have been quite the trip.   And so it was.   It’s our privilege to share some of the slides we got to see.

Cedwyn may be soft-spoken, but his images speak volumes – enjoy the trip!

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