Bryophytes with Wilf Schofield

Wilf Schofield, bryophytes field-trip, Powell River - H. Harbord

Bryophytes with Wilf Schofield
by Heather Harbord, 9 April 2008.

Dr. Wilf Schofield of the UBC Botany Department led a field trip to the trail on the north side of the Shingle Mill bridge. Everything was so interesting that the group could only progress about a hundred meters or so along the lake.

He not only knew the names of all the mosses, but the stories of the people they were named after.  They were often his friends as well.  He was certainly the Grand Old Man of Mosses and we were privileged to listen to him.  Sadly, he passed away only a few months later.

You can learn much more about the man and his legacy here.