Wilf Schofield – “Bryophytes”

bryophytes in Beacon Hill, Victoria
Wilf Schofield – “Bryophytes”
by Heather Harbord, 8 April 2008.

Dr.  Wilf Schofield of the UBC Botany Deptartment at UBC gave a presentation on bryophytes.  We had been trying to get him as a speaker for a couple of years but this time he made it.

If you ever wondered about the moss and lichen family, Dr. Schofield had all the answers.  He wrote the definitive Royal BC Museum handbook Some Common Mosses of British Columbia (1992), as well as the Field Guide to liverwort Genera of Pacific North America (2002), and the Introduction to Bryology (1985), together with a long list of scientific papers.

He brought specimens and a microscope to show us the details of these fascinating plants.Unfortunately Wilf passed away just a few months after he spoke to us, but we were grateful for the opportunity to have met him.   You can learn more about the life and times of this impressive man here.