Daniel Francis – “Orcas”

Orca breaching - T. Gallager
Daniel Francis – “Orcas”
by Andrew Bryant, 
26 February 2009

 Daniel Francis, together with co-author and long-time Vancouver Aquarium staff member Gil Hewlett, wrote Operation Orca:  Springer, Luna and the Struggle to Save West Coast Killer Whales.  This book was awarded “Best Nature Non-Fiction Award” by Forward Magazine, and has been excerpted in The Tyee, which you can find here.

Daniel described how and why he came to write this book, and his passion for telling their story.  It is remarkable that these graceful and majestic creatures have gone from being perceived as fearsome, man-eating monsters that should be systematically killed – to a powerful symbol of the wild BC coast, indeed a true poster child for the need to protect our marine environment.