Dwight Owens – “Sour Seas: ocean acidification explained”

Dwight Owens – “Sour Seas: ocean acidification explained”
by Andrew Bryant, 21 February 2016

Dwight Owens works for Ocean Networks Canada, where he serves as a “user engagement officer”.  Although not a scientist himself, Dwight’s mandate is  to help make recent scientific research accessible to the general public.  This he did – in spades!

He spoke to us about ocean acidification, which has been called “global warming’s evil twin”.   Using graphics gleaned from a wide variety of sources, Dwight provided a lively introduction to a very sobering topic.

Why are oceans becoming more acidic, and what impacts can we expect? Dwight discussed recent and projected changes, examining impacts on marine ecosystems and human society.

For those interested in learning more about this fascinating, although frightening, topic, Dwight also provided a help link to many on-line sources, which can be found here.