Oh deer me

Oh deer me
by Heather Harbord, 21
 October 2016.

Seven members dripped their way around the forest with Rick Page, the previous night’s speaker.  We started out near the former Artaban Centre and walked through to the pole line and back along McFall Creek, which was in full flood.

Rick pointed out various examples of foliage which had been recently and not-so-recently dined on by deer.  A five foot yew tree had been sheared back to its trunk from the ground up to about the four foot level.  It was a strange piece of topiary to find in the middle of a regenerating clear-cut.

My rain jacket leaked through to an under jacket and the wallet in my pocket was sopping.  Nobody drowned, but we all soaked our car seats on the way home and undressed into the dryer.

The area has potential for a birding or tree frog field trip in the spring
when the weather should be more clement.