Princess Louisa Inlet & Chatterbox Falls

See those tiny waterfalls on the right? Those are Harmony Falls, which drop about 450 metres. I'm calling this a really fine day. 24 March 2018 - Andrew A Bryant

Princess Louisa Inlet & Chatterbox Falls
by Lu Wuthrich, 24 Mar 2018. 

Eleven Naturalists headed up Jervis Inlet to Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls.  It was an amazing spring day and the views of the snowcapped peaks, multiple waterfalls and granite cliffs were pretty spectacular.

We meandered up the coast on the Sunshine Coast Tours boat looking at all the falls and pictographs while our tour guide, Cliff, discussed the history of the Inlet, logging practices and First Nations involvement in the area.  There was a great stop at Malibu Camp; we toured the impressive facility in the middle of the stunning wilderness.

The spring run-off had not really started so Chatterbox Falls was not at its fullest flow, but the park was deserted and picturesque.

The tour began with a wonderful display of a pod of white sided dolphins swimming around the boat and ended with a beautiful very low arched rainbow off the stern as we zoomed home after a great day.

Thanks to Cindy Dalcourt for coordinating this!