Rhododendron gardens

Rhododendron in David Smith's botanical garden, May 30 2017

Rhododendron gardens
by David Bedry, 27 May 2017.

Ten of us were blessed with a cloudless sky as we toured the amazing Rhododendron garden that David Smith has carved out of his property off Crowther Road, on the way to Okeover Inlet.

David’s is a year round labor of love as he plants not only rhododendrons from around the world, but other native shade tolerant plants in his hillside garden.  It’s really a Botanical Garden, with rhodos as the centerpiece.  To make a fertile and hospitable planting substrate David conditions the soil with native mulch.  All of has planting is natural as well as chemical free.  David was an excellent tour guide, telling us about his work in the garden and answering all of our questions.

David’s passion for what he does has spilled over onto two of his neighbours properties, creating a garden to rival any that I have visited both in Canada and abroad – and we have it right here in our own back yard!