Richard Dewey – “Tides, currents, and sailing the coastal waters of BC”

Why we sail - R. Dewey

Richard Dewey – “Tides, currents, and sailing the coastal waters of BC”
by Andrew Bryant, 18 March 2017.

Dr. Richard Dewey is Associate Director and head of research at Ocean Networks Canada, based at the University of Victoria.   He’s conducted oceanographic research throughout the Pacific from Japan to California, and along the B.C., Alaskan, and Arctic coasts.

Long-time sailer and resident of the Pacific Northwest, he’s particularly interested in  coastal flows, mixing, turbulence, waves, and tides.  Tying these themes together was the subject of his talk.

Richard spoke about the Venus and Neptune projects, which are pioneering efforts to monitor chemical, physical and biological traits of the ocean floor.  Plugging in another extension cord turns out to be a bit more complicated – when you’re working (remotely) in pitch dark, and at environmental pressures equivalent to ~600 Earth atmospheres.

Richard rounded out his talk with useful tips about tide-tables, apps for your smart-phone, proper whale-watching etiquette, and a multitude of things you should remember before heading out onto the deep blue – the most important of which is – you really should!