Toba Inlet

Waterfalls in Toba Inlet, 2008 - H. Harbord

Toba Inlet
by Heather Harbord, 30 June – 1 July 2007.

To reach Toba Inlet you have to sail through Desolation Sound, so the trip is a two for one.

The Misty Isles is a wonderful vessel as long as you are able to negotiate steep stairs and obstacles on deck.  Some adventurous souls on our trip learned how to get out onto the bowsprit where they stretched out prone for a nap.  Captain Mike Moore, a veteran of 11 years in the Arctic as a Coast Guard Navigation Officer, is very experienced and knowledgeable about the area and stops at every pictograph.

The first day we sailed past Prideaux Haven, the popular anchorage in Desolation Sound, and proceeded up Homfray Channel.  We poked the bow of the boat under the big waterfall at the entrance to Toba Inlet and soaked a few people.  Then we went up to Racine Creek which has a spectacular double waterfall and more people got wet.  On the way back to Pryce Channel we got some wonderful views of the mountains above Forbes Bay.

We disembarked at Toba Wildernest Resort, we had an incredible view from there too.  As supper was prepared, some people climbed the steep trail to the waterfall above.  Our supper of BBQ teriyaki salmon, cooked by the captain, was superb.  He has many talents.

Two of us camped on the lawn where we had ring side seats of the full moon. The rest enjoyed the bunk beds and showers in the comfortable rustic cabins, some with 4 beds to a room.  The trip was sold out by mid March.  The two days aboard ship and one night at Toba Wildernest cost (including GST) was $305 per person in cabin accommodations (for 10) and $280 per person for campers.