Don Hare – “Invasive Plants”

Don Hare – “Invasive Plants”
by Andrew Bryant, 12 May 2017.

The mission of the Invasive Species Council of BC is to provide information, and resources, to combat the many threats posed by exotic plants and animals.  Don Hare is their Executive Director, and travelled to Powell River to speak mostly about invasive plants specific to our area.

Many are aware of species such as Scotch Broom or English Ivy.  These are now firmly established, to the extent that any possibility of successful eradication is long past.  Others, like the Giant Hogweed, are increasingly in the news when someone is injured.

But the problem is much more widespread than many people realize.  As the Vancouver Sun reported, invasive species pose a threat in every corner of the province, and the threats are real – and very costly.

Don spent much of his talk about an issue I hadn’t given much thought to – the problem of invasive plants arriving through local gardens…
Either through contaminated packages of seeds, purchase of unidentified “ground covers”, or just lack of information, numerous species have escaped our gardens – and become a threat to the wild ecosystems that we all cherish.

Food for thought indeed.