The “it’s not a field trip” Purple Martin field-trip

An adult male Purple Martin , Myrtle Rocks, Powell River - A. Bryant

The “it’s not a field trip” Purple Martin field-trip
by Andrew Bryant, 30 April 2017.

Some of the Purple Martin nest boxes at the Myrtle Rocks colony suffered a bit at the hands of winter storms – and needed some attention.

After an aborted attempt on a dangerously gusty and rainy Saturday, Sunday saw fair skies. David Bedry, John Treen, Bill Whyard and myself replaced seven boxes and installed some new anti-predator barriers.

Purple Martins are interesting for many reasons, not least of which is that here in BC, we have a species that is now completely reliant upon man-made habitats – because the natural cavity-nesting habitat has been destroyed.

You can learn more about Purple Martins, their history in BC, and the hugely successful volunteer-based nest-box program here, here and here.

Thanks to Rona for providing construction materials, and to Relay Rentals for loaning us their very tall (and very heavy) ladder.
And thanks to all who braved the winds on Saturday!